Welcome to the Deep Tech Innovation Launch Pad Community

Discover the potential of connecting Europe’s universities with Deep Tech innovators. DT Launch Pad creates a European Deep Tech Community by providing Deep Tech talent, creating an efficient way to connect Deep Tech talent, expertise, resources and funding; and hosting events to create a thriving ecosystem for deep tech start-ups.

DT Launch Pad is enabling the European Deep Tech Community by

What are our actions?

DT Launch Pad is undertaking the following actions to realise our objectives under four phases: UNDERSTAND, DESIGN, IMPLEMENT and SUSTAIN.


Research and Asset Mapping

Explore the skills needs and opportunities for Deep Tech at participating HEIs and incubators through Research and Asset mapping to better support the advancement of Deep Tech in Europe.

Design the Deep Tech to Market Services Pack

Enable European Deep Tech talent through a Design the Deep Tech to Market Services Pack including

1) the Deep Tech Training Programme
2) the Deep Tech Incubation Services Pack
3) the Mentorship Scheme
4) the Peer-to-Peer learning framework.

This includes the pilot testing of these programmes to meet current and future international innovation ecosystem demands and close the commercialisation gap for Europe.

DT Launch Pad Platform

Enable better exchange, team building and resource gathering across the European Deep Tech community by creating a DT Launch Pad Platform to pool and host Deep Tech opportunities.

Deep Tech video and workshops services

Raise awareness of the Deep Tech career pathways through an educational Introduction to Deep Tech video services, Introduction to Deep Tech mini workshops series as well as promotional events to further entrepreneurship in Deep Tech and create international impact.

Fundraising Fair

Bring together the European Deep Tech community to allow Deep Tech trainees to be able to present their ideas and be exposed to potential funding bodies, culminating in a Fundraising Fair, providing opportunities to access funding and the overall advancement of Deep Tech entrepreneurship.

What’s on offer?

Training and Incubation

Offering a blend of training programs, pre-incubation, and acceleration services to turn pioneering ideas into market-ready solutions.

Mentorship and Peer Exchange

Connect with experts and peers across Europe through our mentorship programs and peer-to-peer learning initiatives.

Deep Tech Opportunities Platform

An exclusive platform to access deep tech opportunities, including partnerships, internships, and project collaborations.

Events and Workshops

Join our workshops, seminars, and our flagship Fundraising Fair to gain insights and showcase your innovations.

Who should join us?

You are invited to sign up now to start connecting with our network of Deep Tech professionals and gain exclusive access to our platform.

Higher Education Institutions

Follow us in shaping the future of European deep tech education — collaborate, support, and engage with cutting-edge startups


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