DT Launch Pad at the 2024 UIIN Conference in Madrid

By Samantha Carty, Momentum

From May 27th to 29th, DT Launch Pad was represented at this year’s University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) conference, held in the beautiful sunny city of Madrid. With the theme, “Shaping the Future of Talent and Innovation,” the event attracted approximately 500 delegates eager to network, learn, and gain new insights for their organisations.

Building a European Deep Tech Community

Key partners from University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), The Netherlands Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, France Crazy Town Oy, Finland University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Momentum Educate + Innovate, Ireland gathered to explore ideas on how we can create a European deep tech community. Our project focus is on connecting deep tech talent, expertise, resources, and funding. By doing so, we aim to create and seize deep tech opportunities, promote international team building, and facilitate the sharing of resources.

Highlighting Madrid’s Startup Ecosystem

A standout moment of the conference was a presentation by Eduardo Díaz, Head of Unit Entrepreneurship at Fundación madri+d. His insights into the Madrid Region Startup ecosystem, particularly in deep tech, were both inspiring and informative. Eduardo shared that the Madrid region is home to 391* deep technology start-ups, highlighting the region’s growing innovation landscape.

The Power of Partnerships in Innovation

The conference showed us the vital role that partnerships play in driving innovation. The new ideas, connections, and collaborative opportunities that emerged from the event have energised us. We will apply these insights and continue to collaborate and innovate as we research the European deep tech sector. We look forward to further exploring these opportunities to build a stronger, more connected European deep tech community.

*Source: Startup Radar madri+d & Dealroom.co